Submitted By: James Byrne

Each night I am currently trying to set aside a couple of hours in order to put more and more content onto this website. I have quite a lot to get through and it will take some time to complete. Aside from putting up the content that I have pretty much ready to go I also still have a lot of audio files to yet to be processed and a lot of documentary material to be scanned.

At this time I have not yet made anyone aware of the existence of this site. I want to ensure that there is at least enough to keep people interested when they visit or the first time. When they do visit I hope that some people will be able to supply me with additional material so that the site really does come to document and celebrate James’ life. Someday very soon I will let people know that this site exists and hopefully those people that remember James will enjoy looking through the material available.

Of course the site is actually out there on the web now so in theory anyone could stumble across it before I choose to announce it. I did a search on Google last night for ‘James Papa’ and this site was at the top of the list on the UK site ( and number five on the US site ( Of course if people start visiting the site before I am happy with the quantity of information available, I really don’t mind. Hopefully they will keep returning from time to time to see what’s new. I certainly do not intend to have everything up on the site before I start mentioning it, just enough to make a visit worthwhile and engaging. As I work through my backlog of material and anything else that others choose to supply me with, I will keep updating the site which hopefully will make it more dynamic and interesting.