Hi, my name is James Byrne and this is my tribute to James Papa.

I met and fell in love with James when we were both only 20 years old and living in London. We were both on a “No Clause 28” march with friends. Within the space of only a week we had moved in together and we remained blissfuly happy and in love until his tragic and untimely death eight years later. I loved James in a way that I cannot even attempt to express here.

Although I have put together this website to honour James, I am by nature a very private person. But this site is not about me it is about James Papa, his life and the love and joy he shared with us.

I don’t want this to be a morbid site, if it is considered so then I have failed in my endeavours. My primary motivation, beyond honouring James’ memory, is to give you the opportunity to remember all the wonderful moments you shared with James and to share in the memories of others.

I end this note with an appeal to you:

– Please do leave your comments! I would really appreciate hearing what you have to say. More importantly I would really like to receive any stories or anecdotes you might have that you are prepared to share. That after all is the objective of the site – to share our memories of James. The easiest way to pass on your memories to be included on the site is to click on the “Your Memories” tab at the top of the screen and to submit them there.

– Also please pass on any photographs, videos, audio (or indeed anything else that can be digitally copied or scanned) relating to James that you might be prepared to share with others. I, for one, would be very pleased and grateful to have access to additional material. If you are unable to convert it into an appropriate format then I can probably help you with that so please get in touch and let me know.