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Comments from James’ Mother (Sheila)

Submitted By: Sheila Dawson-Papa

The long empty years since James died have been marked by a continual stream of his friends and fellow students, colleagues and acquaintances who have been in touch and wanted to share a smile and an anecdote of how James /Giacomo touched and enriched their lives. I am so proud to have been his mother, proud too of James Byrne; and this wonderful work in progress he has dedicated to the lovely human being that was James Papa.
When James died a dear friend from Singapore wrote that there was a chain of love encircling the globe with fond and loving memories of that smile, that infectious laugh, but mos of all the sheer joie de vivre and enthusiasm that was James……..this was his legacy to the world – for us all to share and pass on. His love and anima nobile live on………..I dedicate this to his tiny namesake baby James Papa who is almost two years old and will have this wonderous tribute to discover as he grows, and to James’ sister Jole who misses him so, and joins me in our admiration, love and gratitude to James Byrne for this celebratory homage to an exceptional human being, the irreplaceable and beloved James/Giacomo Papa. Mio figlio adorato che ci ha lasciato troppo presto, ma mai dimenticato. Mammaa

Busy Creating Content

Submitted By: James Byrne

Each night I am currently trying to set aside a couple of hours in order to put more and more content onto this website. I have quite a lot to get through and it will take some time to complete. Aside from putting up the content that I have pretty much ready to go I also still have a lot of audio files to yet to be processed and a lot of documentary material to be scanned.

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Remembering James Papa

James Papa

Submitted By: James Byrne

James Papa (also known by his Italian name of Giacomo) was born on 3rd August 1967. James died on 19th April 1996. He was only 28 years old.

In those 28 years he did more than many get to to do in a lifetime three times as long. And, perhaps more importantly, he also had a profound impact on the lives of those he came into contact with. A great many people continue to remember James with great love and affection. James is certainly not forgotten.

However until now there has been no way to share our memories with each other and to provide at least a virtual memorial to someone so dearly loved. Since James died it has always been my intention to share my photographs, music, videos and other memories with those that will appreciate them. In recent years the move to digital media and the growth of the internet has made it easier than ever to do this. Consequently I decided to stop talking about doing it and to actually make a start.

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