The following tracks were found on “Cassette Tape 6”. These are tracks recorded with Shack between 1989 – 1991.

You may notice the same track names coming up several times but you should be aware that this does not mean that each track with the same name is identical. Many of the tracks went through various changes as they evolved and they were recorded at different times. Consequently two tracks with the same name could be subtly different or they could be radically different. Almost always they will have been recorded at a different time so are unique in some way. Sometimes the name reflect a change, like “new version” or “version 2” and where James labeled them in this way I have opted to do the same when transferring them to a digital recording.

The song ‘A Bowl Of Red Carnations’ has a special place in my heart because it was based on a story I told to James. Basically I had listened to a radio play on Radio 4 during a long business trip and I had really enjoyed the tale and recounted it to James. He liked it to and decided to write a song based on it.


A Bowl Of Red Carnations.mp3
Better Place.mp3
Don’t Wanna Lover.mp3
Fairground Smile.mp3
Happy Families.mp3
Here I Am.mp3
I Just Can’t Stand It (When you’re So Far Away From Me).mp3
I Will Be There 4 U – Another Version.mp3
I Will Be There 4 U.mp3
I Won’t Let You Go.mp3
I dream Of You.mp3
Little Boy Blue.mp3
Only You (Can Pull Me Through).mp3
Paradise – Version 2.mp3
Secret Love – Deep Voice Version.mp3
Stranger In My Head.mp3
Take Me Away (From This Place).mp3
There’s Something Going On.mp3
Try Telling That To My Heart.mp3
User – Another Version.mp3
Written All Over Your Face.mp3
You Make Me Feel Good.mp3