The following tracks were found on “Cassette Tape 7A”. These are tracks recorded either with Nick Abbott or alone with between 1990 – 1992.

As previously mentioned, you may notice the same track names coming up several times but you should be aware that this does not mean that each track with the same name is identical. Many of the tracks went through various changes as they evolved and they were recorded at different times. Consequently two tracks with the same name could be subtly different or they could be radically different. Almost always they will have been recorded at a different time so are unique in some way. Sometimes the name reflect a change, like “new version” or “version 2” and where James labeled them in this way I have opted to do the same when transferring them to a digital recording.


Come On Over.mp3
Come On Over – Another Version.mp3
Here I Am.mp3
Here I Am – Another Version.mp3
If I Thought I Could (Song For James Byrne).mp3
If I Thought I Could (Song For James Byrne) – Another Version.mp3
Lonely Winter.mp3
Only You (Can Pull Me Through).mp3
Rotten Apple.mp3
Son Of A Preacher Man.mp3
Son Of A Preacher Man – Another Version.mp3
Stop (And Come Back To Me).mp3
Upside Down.mp3
Upside Down – Another Version.mp3
Photographic – Instrumental.mp3
Unknown Title – Instrumental.mp3
Another Untitled Instrumental.mp3
Yet Another Untitled Instrumental.mp3
Breaking Glass – Instrumental – Partial.mp3