Back in 1989 James and I found ourselves both working for an insurance company in St. Albans. I was a full time employee and James worked part time to bring in additional income. While here James met someone that participated in a pirate radio station covering the Hertfordshire area and, because of his love of music, personality and immense record collection, James was asked to put together a regular radio show. Nothing was broadcast live, instead everything was pre-recorded onto cassette and these cassettes where taken to an unknown location to be broadcast. It was all very much on a ‘need to know’ basis and we really didn’t need to know. So, for a few months James made the tapes and handed them over to be broadcast. Most were not returned and we didn’t keep copies. Fortunately a few shows do survive. James’ alias was “James B” (yes he basically used the first letter of my surname instead of his own) and the radio station was known as Nova FM. So here we go, back to the music of the eighties with James as the DJ.

James Papa

Radio Show – Part 1
Radio Show – Part 2