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During the later summer, early autumn, James, Sheila and I all went over to Granada in Spain. James’ sister Jole was studying a degree in Spanish and was spending a year in Spain as part of her course. It’s a beautiful city and Jole went to great lengths to show it off to us. I can still remember the small courtyard in the house in which she was staying, it had an enormous Jasmine plant growing there and the scent wafted into all of the rooms day and night. James and I thoroughly enjoyed exploring the old city and eating in some fantastic restaurants. James always loved Calamari and we found some great Calamari here.

Sadly, this is also I think when James first started to slow down. His energy levels where greatly reduced and he needed to rest often. While I didn’t want to acknowledge it back then it is now clear to me that the visible decline in his health started at around this time.